Friday, January 3, 2014

365 Days Of Gratitude #1

January 3rd:

I've decided to post 365 things I am grateful for this new year. 

Here's #1

This old lady right here! (Our Ruby)
She's been with Nate & I since the very beginning. She's been a loyal & dear friend to us through all of our ups & downs. She has kept our family young at heart & we will never forget just how important she is to us. A stand out Ruby memory for me is the day Nate & I took her to the beach and threw stones into the water, Ruby would crazily leap into the water, dive down & retrieve the very rock we had thrown in:) Love this girl! She's growing older day by day & her bones & muscles are showing her age. I am so grateful to have known & loved her for all of these years!

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