Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Controversial Christian View:)

Abortion. Yikes! 
This is a super hot topic amongst my fellow Christian Sisters & Brothers. It's a  sensitive topic for everyone regardless of one's faith or beliefs.
I'm going to be brave right now, because swimming against the current of your "fellow believers" is NEVER easy. I love my Christian Brothers & Sisters, just as I love all of humanity. But there is a common bond that we Christians share & that is our love for Jesus. 
In having said that; I love this saying by this guy, who I know to be a Christian but know nothing else about...

I thought YES when I saw this! That's it! I love my fellow Christian Brothers & Sisters but I don't have to agree with everything they believe or do. You're right Duck Dynasty Guy:) I don't have to compromise my convictions to be compassionate! So I'm going out on a limb because that's where we bear the best fruits.

Sometimes going out on that limb can look & feel like this, but that's where God is:) Out on my own, reading my bible & loving Jesus with all of my heart. 

As a follower of Christ I am aware of the ramifications of this post and the push back that I will most likely receive, from well intentioned Christians who "fear" for my salvation and that's okay. I'm ready to step out and speak up. I don't need any bible qoutes thrown at me as to why I may be misled or misleading others on this topic, we can find the "right" bible passage for any given hot topic & justify our beliefs with them. I will stand by my prayerful convictions & continue to love you all, whether we agree or disagree on this subject. 

So let me begin;
I was 17 years old, living a life hidden in shame & alcohol making one bad choice after another. I didn't know God's saving grace or his tender love & mercies at this time in my life, but I do know now that NO matter what you're going through or facing that God can use ALL of your shame and ALL of your "mistakes" for good. Not knowing this at that time, I became pregnant at seventeen. Scared and alone I made the very heavy decision to abort my pregnancy. The night before the procedure, I was in the bathtub crying & shaking. Crying out to God I said; "please forgive me". I have only felt the warm soft blanket of God wipe away my tears a handful of times in my life and it has always been in my darkest hour. I felt an unexplainable weight lifted, restored by a sense of peace that defies logic & the most soothing voice spoken from within that said; "you are forgiven".

I believe in freedom of choice. Not killing babies. But the right to choose. A woman faced with a mountain without a mustard seed cannot tell the mountain to move. During that time in my life I didn't have a mustard seed of faith, so how on earth could I possibly tell that mountain to move? If I didn't have the choice to abort my pregnancy then my alternative was killing myself, because that's how hopeless that I felt in my life at that time. If I did not go through that unbearable pain in my life, I know that I would not be where I am today. Jesus uses ALL of it for our good. 

Condemning woman who make the painful choice to abort their pregnancy and labelling them as "baby killers" is completely and utterly not loving. I don't think anybody has the right to choose what is best for another, to me that's truly not believing that all is resting in God's hands. Let people have their free will to choose, that's between all of us and God. Have a mustard seed of faith that even when that hard choice has been made to terminate the pregnancy God will work all things together for good. 

I now have four amazingly beautiful children & one due any day now! There is not a day that passes that I'm not filled to the brim with gratitude for HIS AMAZING GRACE!

Now that I have been saved & baptized, I know that things couldn't have worked out any other way in my life. I'm where I am now because of everything I have gone through. I thank God for my freedom of choice and I owe everything to my ever faithful, forgiving, all powerful, merciful Lord & Savior!



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    1. Love you too:) & am looking forward to some new posts, missing your voice of grace & love out here in cyber space! ❤️

    2. Yay! I see you're back at it! I'm excited to get reading!!! ❤️