Friday, January 10, 2014

My Petition To God

I thought about our conversation on the phone; how sometimes it just doesn't seem fair that bad things, well awful things have to happen to good people. I prayed about this because of what Irene is going through & what my cousin is going through right now; My cousin is 35 years old & has 2 young boys ages 6 & 8 and she is in a hospice literally dying of brain cancer. I asked God to help me understand why these awful things are taking place to two beautiful good women? I asked why are helpless babies starving? Why are children being shot in schools? If you love us like you say you love us then how on earth can you allow these cruel things to happen to good people?! Well after I wiped away my tears of anguish, God filled me with a peace that really does transcend logic & spoke this into my heart; I am love. Love does not pick favourites. Love does not choose sides. You are all my children. I love you all the same. Would you willingly serve a God who is filled with judgment & favour? You will all come to the one who has made you when your time has come. You will all come home to love. I am love. I had to share this with you:) I've had such a heavy heart the past few months and I have felt that sometimes this life can just be painfully cruel and unfair! I truly felt like a heavy cloud had been lifted off of my aching heart & I will be praying that God will do the same for all of you!

Prayers & Love:)

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