Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Birthday Bee :)

Today this guy turns seven!

You are intensely loyal, loving & kind! You are extremely fiery & anyone who knows better stays in your good books:) 
You are adventurous & fun loving, you have a wicked sense of humour and you can carry a tune! We love who you are and who you'll become. 

Whimsical & sweet
Intense & loyal
Loving & kind
Likeable & funny
Intelligent & thoughtful
Attentive & considerate
My dear sweet boy:)

Our wish for you: To be completely filled with the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. May you walk in a knowing, deep relationship with Him for all of the days of your life. May you love all of God's children fully & completely. May you love fully & deeply. We pray that you will grasp the truth of your moments here on earth and that you come to understand why you are here... To love and to be loved. That's all there is and may it fill you to the brim until overflowing, for it is truly enough to sustain you for etenerity!

Happy 7th Birthday Bee!

With total love and admiration,

Mommy & Daddy xoxo

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