Monday, June 23, 2014

A 1970's Summer

We've (I've) opted to have and enjoy "a 70's summer." I'm sure you've read the post floating around on FB about it. I discussed this with my kids and we've all agreed to put our PS3's & Wii's & MP3's & DVD's and...even my sacred iPhone down for an entire summer! No texting. No video games. No Facebook. Not even Instagram for an entire summer! I have to be honest, I think I'm sweating about this a little more than the kids are;) So this will be my last week on FB until September, when I return I'll have 1000 + 1 pics of our summer to share with you! I'll miss you all very much. I'll soak up every last minute I can this last week! But this little Brown Bunch has vowed to have ourselves a good old fashioned summer. We're taking back the carefree days of the 70's & making them our very own memories. I think it will be fun? I think?! Wish us luck!
(Just to make our "1970's summer" official, Will took a drink from the garden hose just to prove how hardcore serious we are about this!;)

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