Friday, December 26, 2014

Our Tree Of Hope

Remember this post? Well any how, if you don't feel like re-reading it; it was all about the depression of the empty after math that Christmas leaves us with. All that glitters isn't gold for us deep feelers and thinkers and Christ Followers. So I did in fact vow last year that things would be different this year, that this year I would be the change I wish to see in the world. So many times I have declared so many things and so many times I fail, but not this year; this year I really meant it! I've truly had enough of the false empty hopes of Christmas. Watching so many gather together in warmth and love and gifts and glitter, while so many go without. It's just WRONG. Remember the story of how our King of Kings was born?; He was born in a lowly manger, in a stable filled with animal manure! Even I can say that I was born in a better state than He was! So in a crazy way God spoke to me and said; "Tanya: What are you going to do for my lost sheep? They have strayed so far from me. I love you all exactly the same, just as you love your children. Is Christmas for you? Or is Christmas for ALL?" You see, I find that God really only ever asks me questions and then it's really up to me to answer these SUPER HARD questions! So in my humblest and smallest attempt; along with my family, we tried to RIGHT THIS WRONG. This year we welcomed our TREE OF HOPE. This magnificent tree bared not a single gift for us; but for the hope of humanity. We rallied together as a family, we hit the pavement and we asked our friends, families & neighbors to help us make up these gift bags for our homeless and displaced neighbors. We rallied together for JUSTICE and PEACE and HOPE and LOVE and all of the goodness that comes along with the birth of CHRIST. Christ gave us holy hope and our joy as believers; is to pass along this holy hope to the suffering. My God; my heart has only ever sunk during the Christmas season and now I know why; serving the flesh with empty gifts are hopeless, serving other's with gifts of God's holy hope are filled with the promise of His unending love and grace. I get that now. I get it. It's not complicated or hard, it's holy hope; to the hopeless. My job is to EXTEND His holy hope into the darkness. We are to spread His joy and peace out into the atmosphere, not just at Christmas; but EVERY darn day of our lives! God bless us ALL, Everyone of us!!! Merry Christmas! 

Thank-you Lord; The lessons that you are teaching this little caterpillar of yours, are shaping me into the butterfly that you intended for me to be! I have to admit that it's a VERY SLOW AND PAINFUL PROCESS for me but I can say, that it's filled to the brim with your HOLY HOPE!!!

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  1. Oh Tanya,this is beautiful! This is the way Christ intended Christmas to be.To feed the hungry to clothe the poor and to help the widow.I am so blessed to have read this testimony.My heart is with the poor.I need to do more this year.Christmas is not just one day because Christmas lives in our hearts,everyday!Please let me know if there is something I can do to help.God bless you and your beautiful family <3