Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Is Me. This Is Us.

So this happened. I saw this and I have to be honest, this picture stopped me dead in my tracks and made me literally gasp and then I had to literally tell myself that it's okay, you can breathe again. This looks like me. This made me sob. This is me running scared out of mind with Frank in my arms. This is happening to us. This is wrong and heartbreaking and we somehow see these kinds of images and just keep breathing. We have to keep breathing, we have to keep on going. I will forever and always pray and hope that there will be peace, that love truly wins. I'm praying that this scared woman and child, found a safe haven from the madness that surrounds us all. That's my prayer tonight. My heart is feeling so heavy; this is heartbreaking. This isn't happening to her alone, we're all in this together, it's happening to all of us. When one of us suffers; we all suffer together. This is me running scared out of mind, holding my baby Frank. 

I'm praying for my sister above and her beautiful baby. I don't know what the hell is happening in our broken world and I don't know why it's all happening; but I know that I love you and your sweet baby. I know that you are just like me. You just want your baby to grow up feeling safe. I will pray for you always. I don't know you; I will never get to know you, but I will never forget you and you will forever be apart of me.